Ordering Our First Release

October 17, 2008 at 5:19 am (release)

Like we said on our older post, Touched Records has released its first album, which is m.u.s.i.k.[elektrik]‘s Beberapa Hasta Sebelum Tercela Menjadi Terpuji EP.

It contains of 7 tracks, which are:

1. Dramatization Love

2. Position

3. From the Never Ending Story

4. Imaji

5. Mengaku Dewa

6. Menari di Bulan (feat. Kenny Astrianti)

7. Kehilangan Arah

Tau gitu bawain kehilangan arah , tapi gak ada filenya hahaha” -Rock n Roll Mafia-

“Lagu kalian manstab2 brader!!” -Beat Box-

“Love your sounds..” -Colibri Collective-

“Nice songs!” -Daily Stupidity of a Superhero-

“Ur music makes me drowning” -Jonas and the Music Box-

Lagu kalian keren bgt” -Riadij-

Your tunes are awesome!” -The Last Party-

Bagus lagunya euy..” -Fantastic June-

Wahh…ciamik pisan !!” -Telegraph-

Waw..saya suka musik anda..” -Oh, Nina!-

Hope we could see our pic on your top friends someday” -Kacang Mede-

If you want to order it, contact us at touchedrecords@hotmail.com



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The Most Expensive Rp 50.000,00

August 11, 2008 at 9:04 am (news)

When you first read the title, you must be wondering what that title means. Well, it means that I just purchase something that is Rp 50.000,00 but worth the same as the most expensive Louis Vuitton bags, worth the same as the rarest vinyl there is, and worth the same as the most important story in the history of Indonesian indie scene. Now that you know what the title means, you must be wondering what did I just purchase that is so valuable for me. It’s TEENAGE DEATH STAR long awaited debut album LONGWAY TO NOWHERE!!!!! Imagine this, with Rp 50.000,00 you can get an album that contains:

– 2 discs of pure raw rock n roll (1 disc that contains 9 songs from Teenage Death Star and 1 disc that contains 8 songs from 8 bands that covers their songs). The first disc is produced by the brain of Santamonica, Joseph Saryuf.

– A booklet. A great one. It contains of a genius essay from Rolling Stone Indonesia editor Soleh Solihun, a great interview with Teenage Death Star front man, Sir Dandy Harrington, Teenage Death Star family tree, top 5 everything from the band member, and many bloody more.

– A great and expensive looking cover.

– A promo poster for the album.

– 17 SONGS OF GREAT IN YOUR FACE PURE RAW ROCK N ROLL!!! Oh, did I said that already?

This may not be our release, but we certainly hope it is. This may be their last release, but we certainly hope it isn’t. Like they said, “BUY NOW OR DIE TOMORROW!!”

bung “I am not in the picture above, I am just the writer of this post” reno

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Touched Records Compilation: All is Well, When All is One

August 11, 2008 at 4:54 am (release)

Our second project is a compilation that contains of 15 bands from many genres. Why it was named All is Well When, All is One? We assume that if all kinds of culture, all kinds of people, and even all kinds of genre are unite by something, in our case it’s music, then everything will be alright, peaceful, and well.

Touched Records Compilation – All is Well, When All is One

Abadkatrowave – Heaven is Here
Ambient Minus – Dead
Asturiaz – Should I Dream to Be a Rich Boy
Balum – Rain
Bersekutu dengan Disko – Layka
BottleSmoker – Before Circus Over
Elemental Gaze – Loneliness Empty
Europe in de Tropen – Clone Podcast
Isabelle – Shiva
JW86 – Break the Time Out
L’aRva – Setia
m.u.s.i.k.[elektrik] – Aliran Menjenuhkan
OOII – Trapped Memories from Desperational of Voices
The Paps – Hang Loose Baby
The Wet Trousers – Fox Hole

all is well when all is one artwork

Click here to download the compilation album

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m.u.s.i.k.[elektrik] first EP: Beberapa Hasta Sebelum Tercela Menjadi Terhormat

August 11, 2008 at 4:45 am (release)

We used Bandung electronic/IDM act, m.u.s.i.k.[elektrik] first EP as our first release

Beberapa Hasta Sebelum Tercela Menjadi Terhormat EP

available @ Omuunium (Cieumbeuleuit, Bandung), Soul Artist (Bandung), Soho (Cihampelas Walk, Bandung), Monik (Setiabudi, Bandung), Hey Folks!! (Jakarta)

Dramatization Love
From The Never Ending Story
Mengaku Dewa
Kehilangan Arah
Menari di bulan ft. Kenny Astrianti

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Touched Records

August 11, 2008 at 4:36 am (news)

Touched Records is just an ordinary independent record label. So ordinary, people will think that it’s extraordinary. We don’t close our half eye to every genre in the music galaxy and we hope you don’t close your half eye to us. We treat all the genre with the same respectable way, because we believe that music is a media to unite us all. Whether you’re black or white, male or female, pop or rock, long hair or short hair, and even dead or alive.

Touched Records :
CEO: Nathan Simatupang
Project Director: Diza Rahman
Music Director: Reno Nismara
Art Director: Manggala Putra
Public Relations: Patra Auditya & Etgar Rizki

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